Latest Sympathy Notices

They say that hearts don't really break, dear God that isn't true,
for the day that Karen died, my heart just broke in two.
God saw the road was getting rough. The hills were hard to climb.
He gently closed her weary eyes, and whispered peace by thine. Tuesday 11 June 2019 Carol Docherty ccu auxilary

They say memories are meant to last a lifetime. Yours will truly and definitely stand the test of time.
You will be remembered especially for your strength, passion, determination and Faith.
Oh how could I forget you laugh.
You faced any circumstance head on with the mindset to conquer with God at the helm. Always willing to leave yourself without/undone and help those in need, hmmmmm.
We shared some great times, the after semester brain coolers, the in between ones, and the DTI trip woot woot it was lit, and some trying ones as well.
Sad to know you're no longer with us but I know you fought the good fight.
Rest in eternal peace my friend. You will be missed. Love and Light.
And may God be there for your family at this time and give them the strength they need. May God bless and guide Sharma especially, cover her with his blood. Be at peace Hearty
A golden heart stopped beating, two willing hands are still,
the one who did so much for us is resting at God's will. Monday 10 June 2019 Jacqueline Sampson, Trinidad