Latest Sympathy Notices

You were always someone special, someone kind and true,
you will never be forgotten, for we thought the world of you.
You had a smile for everyone, you had a heart of gold,
you left the sweetest memories, this world could ever hold.
Always in our hearts. Wednesday 14 October 2020 Joe, Trish Mark Christina Josef Lindsay and Abigail McCallion x

Take time to gaze at a sunset sky
where colours blaze to dazzle the eye.

Take time to watch a moonlit sea
and look in awe at a towering tree.

Take time to look in the heart of a flower
adorned with diamonds from a gentle shower.

Take time to view a mountain high
with snowy peak ‘gainst bluest sky.

Take time to listen to the song of birds-
a paean of joy without need for words.

Take time to stop and stand and stare
at wonders round you everywhere.

Take time to tell a dear friend
your love and loyalty will never end.

Take time to make time,
for all too soon there is no more time.

Fond memories of good times.

Wednesday 14 October 2020 Tommy and Catherine Cammock