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The name Mc Gennity has been associated with the funeral trade in Newry for many years. Pat and Jackie McGennity now run the business, continuing the long established tradition of a family run, family orientated business. We believe that, in today's modern, fast moving world a caring, compassionate and personal service is more important than ever. We offer that service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As a natural extension of the funeral business, we made the decision in 2002 to diversify into the memorial business. We offer a wide range of quality headstones and grave accessories in a variety of sizes, colours and designs. Our range includes granite, marble and limestone headstones and surrounds, together with a wide range of grave accessories, including vases, angels, night lights and statues.We have a range of materials and colours to suit all tastes and budgets, from the very basic to the more elaborate design.

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Funeral Listings

Listing covered by McGennity Funeral Directors

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Name Location Added
Ruddy, Anne Co. Armagh Added 13 Oct 2018
Mallon, Mary Co. Armagh Added 09 Oct 2018
Mc Kenna, Vincent Co. Armagh Added 08 Oct 2018
Campbell, Frances Co. Armagh Added 06 Oct 2018
DONNELLY, FRANK Co. Down Added 06 Oct 2018
TREANOR, NORAH Co. Down Added 22 Sep 2018
Gribben, Owen Co. Down Added 01 Sep 2018
Rice, Brendan Co. Armagh Added 14 Aug 2018
O' Neill, Maeve Co. Down Added 06 Jun 2018
O' Meara, Denis Co. Down Added 26 May 2018
Mc Evoy, Paul Co. Down Added 21 May 2018
Mc Givern, Martin Co. Down Added 14 May 2018
Doherty, Mary Co. Armagh Added 13 Apr 2018
CONNOLLY, Brendan Co. Armagh Added 29 Mar 2018
Russell, Michael Co. Down Added 24 Mar 2018
O' Connor, Seanie Co. Down Added 22 Mar 2018
Downey, Thomas Co. Down Added 16 Mar 2018
Treanor, Bernadette Co. Down Added 15 Mar 2018
Mc Ardle, Philip Co. Armagh Added 10 Mar 2018
Mc Evoy, Anna Bernadette (Benny) Co. Armagh Added 02 Mar 2018
Mc Ateer, Josephine (Josie) Co. Armagh Added 02 Mar 2018
Mc Court, Patrick Joseph (Patsy) Co. Down Added 26 Feb 2018
O' Keeffe, Patrick Co. Down Added 13 Feb 2018
Hollywood, Kevin Co. Armagh Added 04 Feb 2018
Hanratty, Michael Co. Down Added 02 Feb 2018
Doherty, Doreen Co. Down Added 27 Jan 2018
Mc Veigh, Thomas Co. Armagh Added 24 Jan 2018
Murphy, Jack Co. Armagh Added 20 Jan 2018
Magee, Patrick Colin Co. Down Added 20 Jan 2018
MC MANUS, MARGARET Co. Armagh Added 16 Jan 2018
DOWLING, JOHN Co. Down Added 09 Jan 2018
Mc Aleavey, Bobby Co. Down Added 06 Jan 2018
Smyth, Kathleen Co. Down Added 06 Jan 2018
Mc Givern, Patrick Joseph Co. Down Added 30 Dec 2017
Gray, Patrick (Pat) Co. Down Added 22 Dec 2017
Murphy, Eileen Co. Down Added 22 Dec 2017
Keenan, Collette Co. Down Added 08 Dec 2017
Lonergan, Gerald Joseph Co. Down Added 07 Dec 2017
Ferguson, Liam Co. Down Added 26 Nov 2017
Heaney, Rita Co. Down Added 26 Nov 2017
Franks, Mary Co. Down Added 15 Nov 2017
Hollywood, Pauline Co. Down Added 14 Nov 2017
Morgan, Michael Paul Co. Armagh Added 06 Nov 2017
SHERIDAN, PATRICK Co. Down Added 04 Nov 2017
Mc Ardle, Alice Patricia Co. Armagh Added 30 Oct 2017
Tumilty, Cora Co. Down Added 25 Oct 2017
Mc Parland, Elizabeth Co. Down Added 23 Oct 2017
Higgins, Shane Co. Down Added 07 Oct 2017
Brady, Annie Co. Down Added 22 Sep 2017
Mc Ateer, Sean Co. Down Added 13 Sep 2017
ELLISON, WILLIAM HENRY Co. Down Added 01 Sep 2017
McATEER, Aidan Co. Down Added 24 Aug 2017
Matthews, Eamon Co. Armagh Added 23 Aug 2017
RUDDY, Terence (Terry) Co. Armagh Added 26 Jul 2017
Boylan, Monica Mary Teresa Co. Armagh Added 11 Jul 2017
McALLISTER, Anne Co. Down Added 24 Jun 2017
RUDDY, SEAMUS Co. Down Added 15 Jun 2017
COYLE, ANN Co. Armagh Added 01 Jun 2017
Heaney, Hugh Co. Down Added 24 May 2017
McKevitt, Michael Co. Down Added 21 May 2017
Mc Kenna, Angela Co. Armagh Added 09 May 2017
Smith, Eamonn Co. Down Added 29 Apr 2017
Black, Bridie Abroad Added 13 Apr 2017
Cox, Sinead Co. Down Added 19 Feb 2017
Ward, John Joe Co. Armagh Added 18 Feb 2017
Mc Cann, Sarah Co. Armagh Added 04 Feb 2017
Mc CANN, Peter Co. Down Added 29 Dec 2016
WINTERS, Anna Co. Down Added 28 Dec 2016
MC KEVITT, JIM Co. Down Added 24 Dec 2016
Devlin, Eamon Co. Armagh Added 23 Dec 2016
McParland, Louis Co. Armagh Added 17 Dec 2016
Devine, Oliver Co. Armagh Added 12 Dec 2016
Haughey, Ann Co. Armagh Added 28 Nov 2016
Fitzsimons, Marian Co. Armagh Added 28 Nov 2016
Ruddy, Sean Co. Down Added 01 Oct 2016
Downey, Mamie Co. Armagh Added 05 Sep 2016
McNamee, Maureen Co. Armagh Added 05 Sep 2016
Smith, PJ Co. Armagh Added 02 Sep 2016
MAGUIRE, James (Jimmy) Co. Down Added 30 Jul 2016
Laffoley, Josephine Co. Armagh Added 07 Jul 2016
Magee, Brian Co. Down Added 01 Jul 2016
CARROLL, John Co. Down Added 25 Jun 2016
McNamee, Philomena Co. Down Added 17 Jun 2016
Nugent, Peter Co. Armagh Added 08 Jun 2016